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South Korea heatwave moves thousands at Scout camp into hotel

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The World Scout Jamboree in South Korea, which was hit by a severe heatwave, has been cut short due to an approaching typhoon. Organizers announced on Monday that they are planning an early departure for all participants, who came from 158 countries.

The government has been urged to provide all necessary resources and support for the scouts until they return to their home countries. The jamboree, which began on Wednesday, was supposed to last until August 15. However, hundreds of scouts fell ill due to the extreme heat, and some groups, such as the British and American scouts, withdrew from the event over the weekend.

The organizers had tried to salvage the event by offering more water, air-conditioning, medical aid, and tourism programs to the scouts. But the threat of Typhoon Khanun, which is expected to affect most of South Korea, including the campsite in Buan county, forced them to end the jamboree early. The presidential office said that it has a contingency plan for the jamboree, which could include relocating the scouts to Seoul and other metropolitan areas. The local media have described the situation as a “national disgrace”, given the time the country had to prepare for the event, which happens once every four years.

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