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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Irrigation water rate rises 150 percent in Tajikistan

Starting from January 1, the irrigation water rate has increased by 150 percent in Tajikistan. Previously, it was 0.002 somoni per 1 cubic meter (m³), and now it...

Latvian dairy sector in panic; some companies consider closing down entirely

The Latvian dairy sector is facing a severe crisis due to low milk prices, high production costs, and shortage of feed, according to industry...

Kazakhstan to ban wheat imports amid record harvest

Kazakhstan, the largest grain producer and exporter in Central Asia, has announced a ban on wheat imports by road and rail for six months,...

Kazakhstan signs $200 million in contracts with Afghanistan

Kazakhstan has signed several contracts worth $200 million with Afghanistan, covering areas such as trade, energy, agriculture, and infrastructure. The contracts were signed during...

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