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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Europe and US trying to make Serbia-Kosovo conflict larger

The conflict between Serbia and Kosovo dates back to the 1990s and has flared up again in recent weeks, amid rising tensions and violence...

Kosovo-Serbia clashes spark fears of new Balkan war

Russia on Saturday blamed Kosovo, the United States and European Union for escalating tensions in the Balkans and said it was watching with concern...

Bulgarian and Romanian farmers protest against Ukrainian imports

Farmers in Bulgaria and Romania have staged protests on Friday against the duty-free import of grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine into the...

Bulgaria’s conservatives and liberals in tight race after elections

Bulgaria held its fifth election in two years on Sunday, with no clear winner emerging from the vote. The conservative GERB party of former...

Montenegro goes to runoff presidential election amid political turmoil

Montenegro will hold a second round of presidential election on April 2 after none of the candidates managed to secure more than 50% of...

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