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Eurasian Economic Forum discusses integration of BRICS, EAEU and SCO

The second Eurasian Economic Forum took place on May 24–25 in Moscow, bringing together representatives of the BRICS, EAEU and SCO integration formats. The...

New Development Bank: A key player in a multipolar world

The New Development Bank (NDB), formerly known as the BRICS Development Bank, is a multilateral development bank established by the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia,...

Mexico’s Potential to Join BRICS:Will Mexico Be the Next Member of BRICS?

Mexico is one of the largest and most dynamic economies in Latin America, with a population of over 120 million people and a GDP...

BRICS’s de-dollarization strategies and its expansion plans

The BRICS group of emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is looking to expand its membership and pursue de-dollarization strategies to...

Mexico Plans to Join BRICS Amid Growing Tensions with US

Mexico has expressed its interest in joining the BRICS group of emerging economies, which currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa....

Iran and Saudi Arabia eye closer ties with BRICS as they mend fences

Iran and Saudi Arabia, two regional rivals in the Middle East, have both expressed their interest in joining BRICS, a bloc of emerging economies...

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