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Israeli genocide in Gaza

Allegations of Bias and Disinformation in Western Media’s Coverage of Gaza Conflict

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, accusations of bias and dissemination of disinformation have been levied against Western media outlets, raising concerns about the...

Israel’s Puppetry in U.S. Politics is Suppressing Global Outcry Against Its Genocide in Gaza

Fourteen American State Attorneys General, under the influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) - have embarked on an alarming assault against...

Israeli Hit Song Prokoves Slaughter of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Palestinian Infants

Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction exposes disturbing genocidal trends in Israeli Society and calls for the international community to reassess its relationship with the apartheid...

Truce turns Trap—Israel resumes Gaza bombing Kills 20

At least 20 Palestinians killed since the Israeli army resumed attacks on Gaza after the expiration of the truce, according to health officials. However...

BRICS Urges for Ceasefire West Provoke Israel for Genocide and War Crimes

The BRICS group of emerging economies has taken the first initiative by urging a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, amid the escalating violence in Gaza that killed...

Israel Sets a New World Record in Murdering Journalists

Amidst the Biden Administration-supported Israeli genocide in Gaza, the world is confronted with an alarming surge in journalist casualties. Over the past 47 days,...

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