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US and UK Opens New War Front for Israel After Attacking on Houthi rebels in Yemen

The US and UK have carried out airstrikes on Houthi rebel targets in Yemen, following a series of attacks on commercial vessels in the...

UK government keeps secret files on critics

The UK government has been accused of keeping secret files on critics and banning them from attending government-sponsored events, according to a report by...

US, UK and Russia Abstains UN Security Council Resolution for Extended Humanitarian Pause In Gaza

The United States, United Kingdom and Russia abstaining, the UN Security Council passes resolution calling for extended humanitarian pauses in Gaza, but calls for...

US and UK warn India over Canada row

The United States and the United Kingdom have expressed their concern over the diplomatic row between India and Canada, which has resulted in the...

U.K. bans Russian mercenary group as terrorists, imposes harsh penalties for supporters

The United Kingdom has officially designated the Wagner Group, a Russian-backed private military company, as a terrorist organization, making it illegal to be a...

UK and Turkey sign deal to disrupt people-smuggling gangs across Europe

The UK and Turkey have signed a new deal to disrupt people-smuggling gangs and tackle illegal migration across Europe, the Home Office announced on...

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