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Tanzania floodings claim 70 lives

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Tanzania is facing a humanitarian crisis as heavy rains have triggered deadly floods and landslides in several regions of the country. The death toll has risen to 70, with six people still missing and hundreds injured.

The worst-hit area is the northern Hanang region, where at least 50 people died after flash floods and mudslides swept away homes and crops over the weekend. The disaster also damaged roads and bridges, cutting off access to some villages.

The floods have also increased the risk of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and typhoid, as well as malaria and dengue fever. The affected communities are in urgent need of food, water, shelter, and medical assistance. The Tanzanian government and humanitarian agencies are working to provide relief supplies and services to the flood victims, but the challenges of access and logistics remain.

The floods have highlighted the vulnerability of East Africa to the impacts of climate change, which is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events in the region. Experts have called for more investment in disaster preparedness and resilience, as well as mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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