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U.S. Newspaper Reveals Israel’s Use of U.S.-Made White Phosphorus in Southern Lebanon

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International Concerns Rise Over Alleged Violation of Humanitarian Laws

In a startling revelation, a prominent U.S. newspaper has exposed evidence suggesting that Israel is deploying U.S.-manufactured white phosphorus munitions in Southern Lebanon. The use of such incendiary weapons has sparked international concerns, as allegations of potential violations of humanitarian laws and the impact on civilian populations continue to grow.

White phosphorus is a highly controversial substance known for its ability to cause severe burns and ignite fires upon contact. Its use is restricted under international law, particularly in densely populated civilian areas, due to the devastating effects it can have on both military targets and non-combatant populations.

The investigative report cites eyewitness accounts, photographic evidence, and expert analysis to support the claim that Israel has been employing U.S.-made white phosphorus in its military operations in Southern Lebanon.

The revelation has prompted swift international condemnation, with human rights organizations, diplomatic officials, and activists calling for an immediate investigation into the alleged use of white phosphorus. Several nations have expressed deep concern over the reported violation of international law and the potential impact on the already strained situation in the region.

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