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US Aggressive Policy on Israel backfired Austin in Israeli a Downplay

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Israel to meet with Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant, apparently giving a gesture of “Pressing Israel” because the US has faced major setbacks by adopting an aggressive policy towards Palestinians.

Austin’s visit came at a time when the US facing mounting criticism inside and outside that the US had become a “Partner” in the killing of Palestinians.

The US has been pursuing a hardline approach to Gaza and provoking Israel for the use of more lethal weapons including phosphorous bombs.

The US has been provoking Israel in the name of self-defense which has far-reaching effects on the Middle East because Israeli adopted the policy of collective punishment of Palestinians due to US backing.

Now when the US has been facing a strong reaction, US trying to balance its position.

The US has also failed to halt Israel for its settlement expansion and to resume peace talks with the Palestinians, who have been protesting against the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the relocation of its embassy there.

However, the US policy has backfired and there has been increasing sentiments by the global community against the US policies in Middle East especially on Gaza Genocide.

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