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US lying about Russia’s position on Ukraine peace talks – Zakharova

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Russia has accused the United States of lying about its position on the peace talks to end the war in Ukraine, and of pressuring Kyiv to withdraw from the negotiations. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday that the US was spreading false information about Russia’s readiness to reach a political settlement and that it was trying to sabotage the diplomatic efforts of other countries.

Zakharova claimed that the US was trying to undermine the peace talks by imposing new sanctions on Russia, sending more weapons and troops to Ukraine, and spreading false accusations about Russia’s intentions. She said that the US was not interested in a peaceful resolution of the conflict, but rather in creating a “new cold war” with Russia. She also said that the US had pressured Kyiv to pull out of the negotiations and to reject any compromise with Russia.

Zakharova urged the international community to support the peace talks and to prevent the US from escalating the war in Ukraine. She said that Russia was ready to cooperate with all parties who wanted to end the bloodshed and restore stability in the region. She also warned that any further aggression by the US or its allies would be met with a “resolute response” by Russia.

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