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US Wants War, more bloodshed—the World needs Ceasefire on Ukraine-Russia

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The United States has been criticized for its role in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, which has killed thousands of people and displaced millions more since it began in 2022.

Whenever there is any mediation efforts to move towards a ceasefire, US concerns make more provocations by pushing Ukraine into more troubled waters.

The international community widely accused the US of warmongering and pursuing its hegemonic interests in the region, while hampering the efforts to reach a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

There is no end of the Ukraine-Russian war without dialogue and a ceasefire. The whole European nation’s citizens opposed the US and NATO role which highly affected their cost of living.

The US has a notorious image as a war-mongering and provoking country in the world. But the emerging multipolar world wants to stop this dangerous trend of conflicts that leads towards disaster.

The war in Ukraine has been widely condemned by the international community as a violation of international law and human rights.


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