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Venezuela and Guyana Agree Not to ‘Use Force’ to Settle Dispute over Oil-Rich Region

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Venezuela and Guyana have reached an agreement to refrain from using force to settle their long-standing dispute over a potentially oil-rich region. The accord, hailed as a step towards regional stability, follows years of tension and brings hope for a peaceful resolution to the territorial disagreement.

The contested area, known as the Essequibo region, has been a source of contention between the two South American nations for decades. Rich in natural resources, including substantial oil reserves, the region has been a focal point of geopolitical maneuvering.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Guyanese President Irfaan Ali jointly announced the agreement in separate addresses to their nations. President Maduro stated, “This agreement signifies a commitment to peaceful coexistence and dialogue. We recognize the importance of resolving our differences through diplomatic means, and this accord sets the foundation for constructive negotiations.”

President Ali echoed these sentiments, saying, “Guyana is dedicated to maintaining peaceful relations with our neighbors. By opting for dialogue over confrontation, we hope to create an environment conducive to resolving our differences amicably.”

The agreement not to use force includes a commitment to engage in talks aimed at finding a mutually acceptable solution to the territorial dispute. Both nations expressed a willingness to involve international mediators if necessary, demonstrating a shared commitment to the rule of law and diplomatic processes.

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