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Western Elites ‘Provoking Crises’ Worldwide, Says Lavrov; Russian Foreign Minister Advocates for a Multipolar World for Peace and Stability

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In a stern rebuke of Western actions on the global stage, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused Western elites of deliberately provoking crises around the world. Lavrov contends that a shift towards a multipolar world is imperative to ensure lasting peace and stability on the international front.

Lavrov asserted that certain elements within Western power circles are actively contributing to the instigation of crises in various regions. He cited instances of interference, intervention, and geopolitical maneuvering that, according to him, have exacerbated tensions and instability on a global scale.

Lavrov emphasized the need for a multipolar world order, arguing that a system where power is distributed among several major players is essential for preventing hegemony and promoting equilibrium. The Russian foreign minister suggested that a multipolar framework would foster dialogue, cooperation, and a more inclusive approach to addressing global challenges.

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