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Will UAE save drowning Turkish Economy?

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What made the two archrivals Turkey and UAE come closer except US increasing pressure on Middle Eastern allies to shun their differences for the US new Middle Eastern strategy to focus on other emerging challenges.

Washington reshaping its Middle East policy that can serve US new priorities and goals in the region. Turkey and UAE have been engaged in numerous proxies’ wars and tussles in the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s surprising that what lead the two foes who have been locking horns from the horn of Africa to the Eastern Mediterranean.

However, it’s a bit hard for the Saudis to accept the UAE’s emerging ties with Turkey. It seems contradictory to the Mohammad Bin Salman MBS Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030.

The Libya upcoming elections are the key element that can make a chance to define Turkey and UAE positions.

Erdogan also gestures to make good ties with Israel and Egypt under the country’s worst economic crisis and inflation.

Turkish economy can get temporary relief up to some extent after pouring Emirati money but in the longer terms to depend only on UAE, it would be hard for Turkey to survive.

It seems the last hope to save its ramshackle economy is to depend on the UAE investment. Besides this how the UAE and Turkey relation can ditch the Turkish position of Islamic brotherhood.

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