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Zangezur Corridor Dispute Casts Shadow Over Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Talks

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In a concerning development, the longstanding dispute over the Zangezur Corridor is posing a significant challenge to the delicate peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The corridor, a key strategic passage connecting Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic to the rest of the country, has become a focal point of contention, raising fears of renewed tensions in the region.

The Zangezur Corridor, historically part of Armenia, has been a source of disagreement since the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan were redrawn in the aftermath of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The corridor’s control has been a point of contention, with both nations holding divergent views on its status and significance.

Recent discussions between Armenia and Azerbaijan aimed at building a lasting peace have encountered roadblocks, as negotiations over the Zangezur Corridor remain deadlocked. Both nations assert historical and strategic claims to the region, heightening tensions and impeding progress in the broader peace talks.

International observers expressed concerns that the dispute over the Zangezur Corridor could jeopardize the current situation. The corridor’s strategic importance, connecting Azerbaijan to its exclave of Nakhchivan, adds a layer of complexity to the negotiations.

Efforts by mediators and international organizations to facilitate a resolution have so far yielded limited success. The Zangezur Corridor dispute has become a sticking point, testing the commitment of both Armenia and Azerbaijan to the peace process and highlighting the challenges of reconciling historical grievances.

The potential consequences of a failure to resolve the Zangezur Corridor issue are significant, with the risk of renewed hostilities and instability in the South Caucasus region.

As Armenia and Azerbaijan grapple with the Zangezur Corridor dispute, the stakes are high for regional stability and the prospects of a lasting peace. The coming weeks will likely be critical in determining whether the peace talks can overcome this hurdle and pave the way for a more stable and harmonious relationship between the two nations.

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