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Biden, Putin virtual meeting on Ukraine what’s expected the outcome?

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The increasing tension has been more flare-up ahead of Biden, Putin’s virtual meetup by the US and the Western countries trying to use Ukraine as major rhetoric against Russia.

The United States (US) and the west has been trying to build up a narrative of the “Ukrainian Invasion” against Russia. Building military infrastructure on Russian own territory is the sole right of Russia that Moscow doesn’t need to get permission from the US or Europe.

The US threatens Russia by adding more sanctions in case of any action towards Ukraine and increasing its military presence in Ukraine. However, Russia for the sake of their defensive measures needs the strong guarantees of NATO not to further expand their paws.

Under the current circumstances for Russia, it’s a bit hard to make any kind of Ukrainian invasion as portrayed by the US and its allies.

However, Joe Biden administration is trying to play the Anti-Russian card that is a traditional line of politics by Democrats. The US current administration is trying to undermine Russian sovereignty and a multi-polar world order.

It’s seems that it’s not Russia who is going to invade Ukraine but it’s US and NATO who want to push Ukraine into another war zone for their strategic interests.

So, nothing much expected to come out from the Biden and Putin meeting except the formal statements and press releases. But both countries know their red lines and the limitations.

To play geopolitical gambling on the smaller countries is not ethically or morally right for the regional powers. Though the direct confrontation for the powerful nations is getting much harder with the advanced military technologies but they hardly miss a chance to use the smaller countries for their own vested interests.

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