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Father and Son Allegedly Kill Daughter in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

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In a shocking and tragic incident, a father and son are accused of killing their own daughter and sister, Maria, in the city of Toba Tek Singh. The gruesome details have left the community in disbelief.

According to authorities, Maria, an unmarried young girl, was allegedly strangled by her brother, Faisal, and her father, Abdul Sattar. The motive behind this heinous act was to cover up their relentless sexual assaults on Maria, which had resulted in her pregnancy.

The case came to light when Faisal’s brother recorded a video of the horrifying incident and reported it to the authorities. Not only did the police arrest Faisal and Abdul Sattar, but they also apprehended the whistleblower brother based on a complaint filed by Sub-inspector Ahmad Raza of the Sadr Police.

Maria’s body was exhumed for further forensic analysis. A postmortem examination was conducted, and her remains were sent to the Punjab Forensic Lab. Investigators suspect that Maria’s father and brother murdered her after discovering her pregnancy. The video evidence adds to the gravity of the situation.

The tragedy, which unfolded between the night of March 17 and 18, has not only shocked the city of Toba Tek Singh but also the entire country. The brutal act of violence against a young woman has sparked outrage and calls for justice.

As the investigation continues, the community grapples with the disturbing reality that a father and son could allegedly commit such an unspeakable crime against their own family member. Maria’s memory will forever serve as a painful reminder of the need for vigilance and protection of vulnerable individuals.

Source: Xinhua

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