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U.S. Partners in Israel War Crimes Resume 500-Pound Bombs Poised to Kill Palestinians

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The United States has resumed supplying 500-pound bombs to Israel, a move that has drawn significant controversy and allegations of complicity in war crimes. This decision comes amid ongoing military operations in the Palestinian territories, where the use of such heavy ordnance has resulted in significant civilian casualties and infrastructure damage.

The resumption of bomb supplies has sparked outrage among human rights organizations and international observers, who accuse the U.S. of enabling actions that violate international law. Critics argue that the deployment of these bombs in densely populated areas contributes to the disproportionate impact on Palestinian civilians, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

Though the US tries to decouple the war crimes and facilitating and proving abetting war crimes and genocides of Palestinians, but the resumption of heavy weaponry is ultimately a major source of killing Palestinian children, women and elders.

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