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Apocalyptic Humanitarian Crisis Unleashed by Israel’s Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing War in Gazak

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As the world witnesses Israel’s ongoing genocide plunging Gaza into an apocalyptic nightmare, Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction sheds light on the escalating humanitarian crisis. Biden-backed Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing, now in its harrowing third month, has resulted in unprecedented death and destruction, with over 18,000 Palestinians, predominantly children and women, paying the ultimate price. Disturbingly, over 80% of Gaza’s population, totaling 2.3 million, has been forcibly displaced by the Israeli Occupation Army.

Dimitri Diliani, Spokesperson for Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, asserts that even these cataclysmic numbers fail to capture the true extent of the horror, as countless bodies remain trapped beneath the rubble of buildings pulverized by 2000-pound U.S.-supplied bombs. Israel’s calculated shutdown of fuel to the Gaza Strip has rendered heavy machinery inoperable, making rescue efforts nearly impossible. Tragically, hundreds of children are still trapped under debris, with survival prospects dwindling. The impending death toll for children alone is poised to surpass 10,000 in the few coming days.

Diliani adds, “The grim reality extends beyond the immediate casualties. An alarming 700,000 children bear the brunt of Israel’s relentless bombardments and artillery fire, facing death, injury, or forcible displacement. Shockingly, an estimated 25,000 children are now orphans, having lost one or both parents. Moreover, approximately 640,000 children find themselves without homes, as Israel’s carnage leaves countless families without shelter.”

The Fateh’s Reformists’ Spokesperson asserts that the international community must urgently address this dire situation, denouncing Israel’s genocide and demanding immediate intervention. The toll on innocent lives, particularly children, compels swift and decisive action to halt the catastrophic consequences of this ongoing genocide.

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