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Beryl’s Aftermath Plunges Texas Into Darkness, Flood Crisis Deepens

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In Texas, the aftermath of Tropical Storm Beryl continues to wreak havoc, leaving millions without power and causing widespread flooding across the state. The remnants of Beryl, which had weakened after making landfall earlier this week, unexpectedly intensified overnight, dumping torrential rains over already saturated ground.

As of early this morning, utility companies reported that over two million households are without electricity, with the majority concentrated in coastal and low-lying areas. Emergency crews are working tirelessly to restore power, but the sheer scale of the outages is posing significant challenges.

In addition to the power outages, many communities are grappling with rising floodwaters. Rivers and creeks have overflowed their banks, inundating homes and roads. Rescue operations are underway in several counties as residents are evacuated from flood-prone areas.

The National Weather Service has issued flash flood warnings for several counties in Texas, predicting more heavy rain throughout the day. Emergency shelters have been set up in schools and community centers to accommodate displaced residents.

Meanwhile, local authorities are urging residents to conserve water and avoid unnecessary travel as road closures and impassable highways have compounded the chaos. The Texas Department of Transportation has deployed crews to clear debris and assess damage to infrastructure.

The situation remains fluid as emergency responders continue to assess the extent of the damage. The state government has activated its emergency operations center to coordinate response efforts and ensure resources are distributed where needed most.

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