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Spanish Court Dismisses ‘Terrorism’ Charges Against Catalan Leader

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Spain’s Supreme Court on Tuesday closed a “terrorism” investigation into Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, who has been living in self-imposed exile abroad since the failed secession bid of 2017.

The court’s decision marks a significant development in the ongoing legal battles surrounding Puigdemont, who led the Catalan region’s controversial independence referendum that resulted in a unilateral declaration of independence, sparking one of Spain’s most severe political crises in recent history.

Despite the closure of the terrorism probe, Puigdemont’s legal troubles are far from over. He still faces an embezzlement charge and a disobedience probe related to the same secession bid. These charges stem from allegations of misuse of public funds to finance the illegal referendum and subsequent acts of defiance against Spanish authorities.

Puigdemont, who has been residing in Belgium since fleeing Spain in 2017, continues to be a polarizing figure in Spanish politics. His supporters view him as a hero of Catalan self-determination, while his critics see him as a fugitive who undermined Spain’s constitutional order.

The court’s decision comes amid debates over a divisive amnesty law, which Puigdemont seeks to benefit from. The proposed law aims to pardon those involved in the 2017 secession attempt, a move that has sparked intense controversy and division within Spanish society and its political landscape.

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